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Special Effects for film has evolved dramatically over the years with the addition of computer technology. Frequently, the mechanical and technical will work hand-in-hand to create that final effect. The team of mechanical special effects and pyrotechnics experts at Warner Bros. Studio Facilities can provide productions with the best in special effects know-how.


Production Installation
& Stand-By:

  • Can provide complete on-site special effects implementation inclusive of all safety standards, fire regulations and permits.
  • Budgeting & Script Breakdown
  • Available for features, television, MOWs, commercials and special events, our specialists will break down a script, designate areas of special effects, provide an itemized list of actions, equipment and costs involved.

Equipment Rental:

  • Boiler 25 HP Trailer Mounted
  • Boiler 30 HP Trailer Mounted
Boilers 10 HP, 5 HP, 3 HP
Hydraulic Pumps 5 GMP-300GMP
Hydraulic Hose & Cylinders
Rain Bar 60′ – Rains 50’x110′
Rain Stands & Pipes
“E” Fans – Mole Richardson 18″ Diameter
Fog & Smoke Machines
Mee Foggers
Liquid Nitrogen & Steam Fog Generators

Hose: Fire, Steam, Hydraulic, LPG
Snow: Rollers, Snofoamers™ (15-125 gallon)
Flying Equipment: Harnesses, Track, Arbors, Counter Weights, Sheaves
28’ Production Trailer equipped with Special Effects Equipment
45’ Production Trailer equipped with Special Effects Equipment


  • Snofoam© & Snofoam© Generators
  • Snow: Plastic, Rice, Potato, Blanket
  • Fire: LPG – Blanket Pipes & Fittings
Dust, Dust Balls & Sparking Balls (.68&.62 cal)
  • Balsa Wood: Large Stock Solids and Sheets
  • Pyrotechnics, Squibs, Lifters, Sparks

Picture Cars:

  • We can prep for any effects or stunts

Action Props:

  • Our full-service prop shop will uses imagination and creativity to design and manufacture any type of action prop. For budgeting we make it simple with flat bid quotes.