The mission of Warner Bros. Studio Operations is to provide each of our clients with exceptional service and unsurpassed production facilities; to embrace new technologies and anticipate changing production needs; and to provide a friendly, attractive environment which brings together the best creative talent. Our success is based on a spirit of teamwork among people who value each other, the work they do, and the clients they serve.


As one of the foremost motion picture, television and post-production operation in the world, Warner Bros. Studio Operations (WBSO) is home to filmmakers globally with facilities in Burbank, New York, and the UK.


The 110-acre Burbank lot encompasses 29 sound stages, 11 exterior sets, 20 re-recording stages, six ADR stages, and a complete range of production-related rental and service departments. From costume and props to set lighting and post-production sound, WBSO provides the necessary resources that enable a client’s vision to become a reality. Through the years, the Burbank facility has been home to many well-known and award-winning features and television series, including “A Star is Born” (1954), “Blade Runner” (1982), “Argo” (2012), “ER” (1994-2009), “Friends” (1994-2004), and “The Big Bang Theory” (2007-2019). Visitors can explore the inner workings of the Burbank lot by taking the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, a behind-the-scenes experience featuring a comprehensive guided tour and culminating with the interactive exhibit, Stage 48: Script to Screen.


In 2012, WBSF opened Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden (WBSL), a 200-acre lot outside London that features 16 sound stages and support facilities for Warner Bros. and third-party productions. WBSL is also home to the hugely popular Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. Additionally, Warner Bros. De Lane Lea, located in the Soho area of London, was acquired in late 2012 and is the leading sound mixing and post-production facility in the UK.


Complementing its sound and picture services in Burbank and the UK is WBSO’s acquisition of a post-production facility in midtown Manhattan. WB Sound New York provides sound design, supervision, editorial, re-recording, and ADR services with sound editorial design suites and picture editorial suites, plus New York’s largest re-recording stage, equipped with DigiDesign Control Surface..


Warner Bros. Studio Operations (WBSO) is committed to creating positive change within our Burbank community by reaching out in the local area yearly though our Community Builders program. Our division partners with Warner Bros. Public Affairs to select local non-profits and schools to provide improvements and enhancements to their respective facilities. In the past couple years WBSF has worked with:


  • Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter (VBAS)
  • The Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC)
  • Walt Disney Elementary School
  • George Washington Elementary School
  • Burbank Community YMCA
  • Boys & Girls Club Of Burbank
  • Family Promise
  • Partnered with WAGS, Best Friends, and Glendale Human Society to host a pet adoption fair on the studio lot

We are dedicated to supporting local area non-profit and community-based organizations by providing goods and services for the underprivileged. It is important to us that we stay connected to our neighbors and aid in enriching our home.


Warner Bros.’ long-standing commitment to sustainability and green business practices began over 20 years ago. Today, our efforts include energy efficiency programs, renewable energy investments, green building projects, green production practices, waste reduction efforts and more. Through strong leadership, continual innovation and company-wide participation, our goal is to further integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business for greater operational efficiency, cost savings and a healthier environment for our employees and community. We also recognize that more can be done; that’s why we continually strive to improve our environmental performance.


Some of our efforts include:

  • Retrofitted 22 stages with induction light fixtures at 240 watts compared to the conventional 400 watt metal halide, estimated to save about 924,000 kwh of electricity annually and is equivalent to powering 132 homes in California for one year.
  • The iconic Warner Bros. water tower was illuminated at night by 1000 watt metal halide lamps, which now has LED technology lights saving 39,420 kilowatt hours annually and is enough to power ten homes in California for one year.
  • Warner Bros. installed the first solar project in the industry and City of Burbank. These solar panels cover The Mill and Stage 23, which combined saves 1,020,000 kilowatt hours annually. It is equivalent to powering 150 homes in California for one year.

For more on our sustainability and corporate responsibility efforts, please visit www.wbcitizenship.com/sustainability